Waiting on Boaz


Waiting on Boaz is a blog for single ladies, but don’t let the title fool you! This space is not for women who are solely focused on having a man. No. This space is about women finding the strategies and the confidence to be healthy, healed and whole before Boaz comes along in order to love him fully and without reservations. Yes, this blog takes women on a journey of self-acceptance, forgiveness, recovery, self-love and self-discovery. Get blogs delivered every Thursday right to your inbox by signing up here

Forever Us Campaign


The “Forever Us Campaign” is a blog for the married. Here, couples can find a healthy dose of Godly wisdom with a proper perspective on marriage. Couples are often forced to take a good, hard look at themselves and are encouraged to fix themselves before trying to fix their spouse. This blog has one goal: to campaign forever among the married whether young, old or somewhere in-between. Get blogs delivered every Tuesday right to your inbox by signing up here

Finding My Fabulous


“Finding My Fabulous” is for women who are in the process of losing weight and someone to be vulnerable and honest with about the trials and triumphs of lifestyle goals. Here, women get to follow our founder, laugh and cry with her on her journey to finding a healthy weight and enjoying life to the fullest. Get blogs delivered every Saturday right to your inbox by signing up here

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